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Moderation Commands

Doge Bot offers a variety of moderation commands that are easy to use.
Important actions are saved in the Case-System and can be displayed at any time.
From simple commands such as kicking and muting to progressive commands
like softnicking and moderations, we have them all!

Highly Configurable

Doge Bot is highly and easily configurable.
You can change basic things like the prefix and mod-roles, but you can also disable specific commands, the
command usage in channels and much more!

Useful Tools

Of course Doge Bot also offers a lot of useful tools.
You can get user-, server- and role-infos, search for words on Urban Dictionary, check the
weather and much more!
Our main goal is to improve your Discord experience <3

Free Levelling System

One of Doge Bot's main features is the free levelling system!
You can set role rewards, disable the XP-Gain in specific channels, get a leaderboard and generate
a butiful rankcard!

Fun Features

A bot without any fun features would not be a real bot.
That's why Doge Bot got you covered with tons of fun features!
You want to hear a dadjoke? Just ask comrade Doge Bot!
You're tired of your old profile picture? Generate a new one, you'll love it!

Clean Logging System

To support the staff members amongst you, Doge Bot offers
a clean, webhook-based and highly configurable logging system that logs new members, deleted/edited messages,
moderation actions and more!
You don't want all logs in one channel? No problem, you can individually configure each logging module!

Doge Bot